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Overlap Panel Fencing

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Concrete Panel Fencing

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Rock Faced Concrete Panel Fencing

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Tanalith Pressure treated timberOverlap Panel Fencing
& Concrete Panel Fencing

Privacy, security and seclusion can be obtained by creating a boundary using Overlap Panel. This form of fencing is 1.8m high and is ideal for use in the urban garden.

All timber overlap panels are pressure treated and are nailed, rather than stapled, to ensure longevity.

Timber Overlap Panels
FBAS01 Timber Base Board 1.8 x 150 x 44
€ 9.55
FOVP01 1.8 x 1.8 Shiplap Fencing Panel
€ 34.99
FOVP02 1.8 x 1.5 Shiplap Fencing Panel
€ 31.99
FOVP03 1.8 x 1.2 Shiplap Fencing Panel
€ 29.99
Concrete Panels
FPOS21 Plain Concrete Panel (also base panel)
€ 21.99
FPOS22 Rock Faced Concrete Panel
€ 31.99
H Posts
FPOS11 Timber H-Post 2.4 x 95 x 95
€ 24.99
FPOS13 Concrete H-Post 2.4 x 125 x 100
€ 31.99
FPOS17 Concrete H-Post 2.7 x 125 x 100
€ 33.98
All measurements above are metric (metres)

For more decorative timber overlap fencing panels, see our San Remo range.

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